Rohan Oberoi


021 194 3344

I have nine years of experience in the financial industry. During this time, while working for big financial services companies, I discovered a considerable financial education gap in our society, and that motivated me to become a financial adviser.

While I do have a history of providing KiwiSaver advice, I am currently focusing on personal insurance to ensure my client’s journeys to financial freedom can’t be hampered by unforeseen issues. Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income and it’s vital we protect it as best we can.

What I love about Apex is that we can take care of most needs for a single client enabling us to fully look after them to the highest standard. I’m truly passionate about what I do and pride myself on giving honest, objective advice as I work with all the leading insurance companies in NZ.

In my spare time, I’m normally with friends or family, playing indoor cricket, scuba diving, traveling, gaming, or ogling at watches. Feel free to ask for a wrist check!


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