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What is Trauma Insurance?

Serious illnesses, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, are more common than you might think, and the cost of recovery can have a huge impact on you and your loved ones. Trauma insurance provides a lump sum payment based on the severity of your illness.

Based on your circumstances and your expenses, you decide how much you want to insure for.

Also known as critical illness insurance and lump sum insurance, trauma cover keeps you and your family financially stable if you suffer from a life-threatening illness or a major injury. Trauma insurance might not prevent a trauma from occurring, but it can get help you through a difficult time in your life without adding financial stress.

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​What about ACC?

In New Zealand we are lucky that we can count on ACC for when we have an accident. But what most of us fail to understand is that ACC won't cover us if we have a heart attack or cancer. This is when Trauma cover kick-in.


​This is Michelle's story

Michelle's life changed suddenly when she was diagnosed with cancer. But as Michelle puts it "one thing this cancer will never do, is get me off my horse". Don't miss this truly inspirational story on how being well planned made the difference for Michelle and how she is making the most of her life.

If I have other insurances, do I still need Trauma insurance?

Even if you already have health insurance, life insurance, mortgage protection insurance, or income protection insurance, Trauma insurance adds an important layer of protection that complements your existing cover. 

For example, if you have health insurance and you have a heart attack, your health insurance might cover your treatment, but it will not cover the time off work.

Life insurance will only pay on death of the life assured, but you will not receive any payment if you are diagnosed with cancer - only if you are terminally ill.

Trauma cover needs to be contemplated together with other cover you may have in place. Insurance recommendations should also take into account your income, your expenses, your dependents, savings, etc. 

Get the right policy for you

Not all insurance policies are the same. You need to be able to compare apples with apples, and this is not always easy. Different companies would have different definitions as to what is a critical illness. That's why it's important to work with an adviser. They know the market and will find a policy that fits your needs.

Our advisers will listen to your needs, and find the most suitable policy for you. 

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Trauma insurance

Knowing how to spot the best trauma insurance can be tricky, unless you know what to look for. At Apex, our team is trained to listen to what you need and recommend the best policy based on your circumstances.


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