Richard Fisher


027 487 7329 (NZ)
53221 (Cook Islands)

I emigrated to NZ in 1975 with my wife Suzzanne, and two little girls, Sarah and Joanne, following the sale of our takeaway business in Wolverhampton, England.  

I joined Prudential Assurance in 1976 as a stop gap measure in the role of Insurance Advisor, and 43 years later, I’m still stopping that gap! Why? Simply because I love being in the position of helping people protect their families, and ensuring that the family will survive should a loved one be lost.  

I have achieved various industry awards over the years and in recent times, I have gained a Level 5 certificate in Financial Planning. However I now limit myself to just "Life Insurance". Over the past 25 years I have developed a client base in The Cook Islands, where very special relationships and situations arise, and these enduring relationships now demand most of my time.


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