Are you making the most of your KiwiSaver savings?

With 2.99 million Kiwis in KiwiSaver, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re already an experienced investor, here are 4 things anyone can do to maximise their KiwiSaver returns.

1. Select the right fund for your life stage
If you didn’t choose a fund when you first joined KiwiSaver, chances are that you’re in a default conservative fund. Conservative funds are lower-risk and because of this they tend to generate lower returns.

In most cases, if you are close to retirement it makes sense to be in a lower risk fund. However, if you are not buying your first home or retiring anytime soon, it might pay off to move to a growth fund. 

2. Get the $521 Government contribution
To get the maximum payment of $521.43 from the Government, you must contribute $1,042.86 every year. That’s about $20 per week. If you have been contributing for at least one year through your employer at the 3% rate and you earn over $34,766 per year, you will qualify for the full Government contribution.

If you haven’t contributed enough, you can top up your KiwiSaver account to make sure you get 100% of the Government contribution. 

3. Check your PIR rate
The prescribed investor rate (PIR) refers to the tax rate for your investment earnings from a portfolio investment entities (PIE). It is based on your income from the last two years. Make sure your tax rate is correct and you’re not paying more tax than you need to, as refunds are not available.

4. Get advice
An adviser will help you check all the things above off your list, and help you boost your KiwiSaver balance while they’re at it. Let them do the work for you and save yourself some time. 

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What's the Apex story?

Glad you asked. It all started some 30 years ago when a young adviser set off to change the world of financial advice. Since then, the company has grown to a bigger and stronger adviser force, yet staying true to what we set out to do from day one:  helping kiwis make good decisions. Today, Apex Advice is one of the country’s biggest financial services companies outside of big corporates, servicing around 50,000 clients and it remains 100% New Zealand owned.


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