George Matatia


I have worked in the banking and finance industry for more than 8 years. I then took a short break from the Financial Services industry and went into recruitment. It was a confirmation for me that I had always been a “people person” and that I care about what is the best outcome or solution for my clients.

So pivotal was that break time that I was revitalised and decided to step back into the finance industry and try and make a difference. I am currently studying for the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) in order to become an Authorised Financial Adviser.

Previously in banking I assisted clients with their insurance and investment enquiries including KiwiSaver. Being in the finance and banking sector helped me place an emphasis on strong customer orientated communication and a focus on building long-term relationship with clients. I have a love and passion for helping people achieve their goals.

I recently got married last year and I am an avid backpacker/traveller. My wife and I enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures and food. I love learning about different cultures and the history of one’s country. I have a heart for people - I would go out of my way to make them feel included and welcomed and learn a little about their story.


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