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As with any job, there are risks associated with carrying out your work. However, farmers have a unique work environment where involvement goes beyond the normal working conditions and working hours – often you and your family are living and working in the same place so any threat to your ability to farm is a threat to your family’s way of life.

On average it is estimated that most New Zealand households would run out of money if the main income stopped, within only three weeks! Illnesses and accidents are common reasons for people to lose their income.

ACC can provide a benefit to see you through an accident - but what happens if you suffer a serious illness? 

What would happen to your family if you suddenly passed away? Will they be able to keep the farm going?

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​What about ACC?

We are very lucky to have ACC provide a benefit if we have an accident. But what most people fail to realise is that ACC won't help if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Statistic indicate that 1 in 3 New Zealanders will be diagnosed with cancer during their working life. It's a risk worth protecting, so if you find yourself in that situation you know you have financial support to look after your family and your business.

By combining ACC and private insurance you, your family and your business can be protected should you suffer from an accident or illness. With rural insurance you can keep your farm up and running for the next generation.

Should I consider ACC Cover Plus Extra?

If you are self-employed, as a lot of farmers are, you can decide to 'upgrade' your ACC cover to ACC Cover Plus Extra.

In deciding which cover is right for you, it’s best to weigh up the differences between the two ACC options.

Both ACC covers will compensate you for loss of earnings when you are unable to work because of an injury, regardless of whether it is work related or not. But there are three key differences between the two plans;

  • Amount of Compensation
  • ACC Levies
  • Waiting Period

If your income fluctuates you may be best to investigate ACC Cover Plus Extra further as this can provide you more certainty of cover - so that you know what you'll receive at claim time. With Cover Plus Extra, you could also potentially reduce your ACC levies.

The savings you make by reducing your levies can fund your private insurance. By spending the same amount of money you will get a more comprehensive plan that will cover you in case of accident or illness.

Combine ACC and private insurance for better cover

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