Brett Sargent


021 508 435

I have been working in Accounting and Finance for the last 21 years and for 17 of those years working for Shell, the largest energy company in the world. I held roles in London, Dubai, and Rotterdam and progressed to a role of Global Finance Manager, with a large Investment focus.

In 2016, I returned with my young family to New Zealand with a desire to work directly with New Zealanders. I want to help kiwis to assess where they want to be and the best way to get them there, providing personalised advice on financial planning, investments and insurance. I focus on listening to my clients and understanding what’s important to them, treating their financial decisions as if they were my own.

In my spare time, I taxi my family around to various sports and other activities. I read a lot about investing and I am an executive member of the Three Kings Toastmasters club. I am passionate about helping people to improve their lives, and I intend to use my Toastmasters experience to set up classes to help young people improve their ability to speak in public, communicate more effectively, and to boost self-confidence.


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