Anzhelika Moiseeva


My motto in life is the same as the boy scouts - " Be prepared".

Preparation is key to financial freedom. We are naturally wired as optimists but the reality is about 50% of what happens to us in life is challenging. The clients I work with value the fact that I will ask them the hard questions.

The goal is to make sure you fully appreciate your financial weaknesses so that you can make good decisions about how to deal with them. Then you can put in place plans to deal with health events that impact your ability to earn an income or provide financially for you, your family or your dependents. By having a risk protection plan in place you will have financial help when you need it the most. Once you have a strong platform to deal with the unexpected you can focus on growing your wealth.

Born and raised in Russia, I moved to New Zealand in 2006 to pursue my education. I graduated from University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Finance and Commercial Law. I have previously worked in Accounting and Real Estate industries and I am currently studying towards my AFA qualification. I would love to share some of my knowledge to help you meet your financial goals.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family and friends, as they are the most important people in my life. When I have time I enjoy traveling overseas and around New Zealand. I like going to concerts, ballet and theatre. Music is my passion, I am currently undertaking vocal training lessons, which make my life even more eventful.


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