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Kiwis are a pretty optimistic lot - planning for your future can be as simple as getting a mortgage and paying it off over 30 odd years. While you'll get there eventually, it feels like you’ve spent your whole life working for the bank and you haven’t really had time to sit back and enjoy your hard work. Worse yet, something happens along the way and you’re unable to pay off the home you’ve been working so hard for due to an illness or an injury.

At Apex, our job is to ensure you have the right support in place at precisely the right time for your life - making sure that you’re correctly financed, fully protected and covered for any unexpected bumps on the road.

Would you like to have your mortgage paid off 5 years earlier? Does the idea of having an extra $400,000 in your KiwiSaver account at retirement sound good to you? Do you put value in being protected from life’s unexpected bumps and bruises?


There’s more to life than paying a mortgage! Your mortgage is probably your biggest financial commitment. Would you like to know how you can pay it off sooner? It’s not just about getting the best deal on interest rates or fees – with the right advice, a tailor-made loan will get you out of debt faster.


Would an extra $400k make a difference at retirement? Make sure you are in the right fund for maximum returns. 600,000 KiwiSaver members are still in “default” funds. Default funds: 5 year average returns are 4.6% lower than other funds* 

*based on MorningStar KiwiSaver Survey 30/6/16

Personal protection

Protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of an emergency. Take the stress off your wallet so that you and your family can focus on more important things - such as recovering from an illness or injury, taking care of a sick family member, and getting the bills paid on time. 

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