Why you should consider getting covered for cancer

Having health insurance doesn’t stop you getting unwell (boy, we wish it did!) but it does stop you having to stress about taking time off work, long waiting times for appointments, not being able to afford the proper care or medicine, and whether you can afford to get a second doctor’s opinion.   

While the world’s media is focused on Covid, other serious diseases remain highly prevalent, especially here in New Zealand. One disease is leading the way and it’s called Cancer. We all know the statistics and we all probably know of someone who has had it or has it right now. I bet the one thing they would say to you in hindsight, is ‘get yourself health insurance’ that can cover you for cancer. The diagnosis can be sudden, that niggly cough, that sore muscle that turns out not quite what you thought it was.  Such a diagnosis does not leave you time to plan for time off work or quick access to savings.  As we’ve all heard, the quicker you can get treatment, the higher chances of beating it.

The time between treatment and diagnosis is critical. Our government guidelines state that patients are to have their first treatment within 62 days of their referral, however only 6 DHB’s met this target in 2020. The sooner treatment begins, the less time rogue cells must spread and create further problems for patients. Cancer cover gives you early access to both private and public health facilities, to ensure that your diagnosis and treatment can begin as required.

The government agency, Pharmac covers a variety of drugs for cancer treatment but there are still many that are not offered, and of the ones that are offered, many are dependent on which stage of cancer you are in. Cancer cover can ensure that you have early access to the treatment that will best suit you. 


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