Look after your family’s health

Lots of things change when you have a family. Your priorities, your budget and expenses, your day-to-day routine – not to mention how many hours you get to sleep. When looking after your little ones you probably want to provide them with the best possible care, and that should also apply to their health.

If your children are New Zealand residents or citizens, if they need emergency treatment a public hospital will provide it for them. But if they don't need immediate treatment, they will be assessed by the public health system and waitlisted for elective services. This could take months or even years.

Going through the private sector is an option – only if you have the budget to pay for it. Below are some typical treatment costs:



$3,500 - $6,000
$1,500 - $3,500
Strabismus (squint surgery)
$5,000 - $6,500
$1,200 - $2,500
Hernia repair (lower abdomen)
$4,000 - $6,000

Would you be able to afford going through the private sector to provide the best care for your family?

For non-emergency treatment, such as getting grommets for your child (for recurring ear infections), health insurance can help you and your family get the treatment you need. Did you know that in the 12 months to June 2015 the health insurance industry paid out $30.7 million in private medical claims for children under 15 years1?

There are insurance companies that offer parents the possibility to get health insurance for their children without having to have health insurance themselves. SO even if you are not convinced of the need of insurance for yourself you might still decide to provide the best possible care for your children, meaning that they will not have to sit months on a waiting list should they require treatment.

1 Health Funds Association of New Zealand major medical incidence and claim rates (HFANZ) June 2015
2 Source: Sovereign Health claims Team, 1 July 2014 – 30 June 2015


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