Accidents happen! It’s a fact of life and a very good reason for Accidental Injury Cover

Before we get to the part where Paula, our client, tells us how Accidental Injury Cover came in handy let us quickly understand what benefit the cover provides. 

Does a good hike, a game of rugby, or a netball game at your club sound like your perfect weekend? But what if you break your arm, pull a ligament, or do something much worse! Did you know that ACC receives on average 448,000 sport-related claims per year? We Kiwis love the outdoors, but injuries can strike us anytime anywhere!

A sudden injury might force you to stop working for a few weeks or possibly months, especially if the injury restricts the use of your back or limbs. The unforeseen time off can impact your income. If you are a stay-at-home parent, a self-employed or a contract employee, the situation might get trickier. Accidental Injury Cover has everyone’s back. It makes a lump sum payment that might help you pay the bills and keep the ball rolling at home! 
How is it different from ACC? 
Having ACC in New Zealand is super; it minimizes the financial impact of injuries on Kiwis. In most cases, ACC covers 80% of your income, and you are on your own for the rest. ACC might help you with the weekly compensation or pay for your medical treatment. Did you know, to receive the weekly compensation, you must be employed at the time of injury? If you are unemployed or in-between jobs, you would miss out.

Accidental Injury Cover is claimable upon diagnosis regardless you are working or not. ACC does not cover out of pocket expenses.

In case of a sudden injury, you might be forced to get paid childcare for your 2-year-old, unless your family can help. These add to your weekly/monthly expenses which may not be covered by ACC. The extra money which comes through in the case of Accidental Injury Cover helps you pay for the unplanned expenses and get back on your feet quickly. 

The distinctive factor of Accidental Injury Cover is that you do not need any proof of income. 
Our client, Paula has a great story about Accidental Injury Cover
“Just a few months back, I was completely clueless about Accidental Injury Cover. After speaking to an adviser at Apex Advice, I decided to include the same in our insurance. 

I was surprised at how reasonable and straightforward, it was. My husband, Matt, is an avid mountain biker. I felt very nervous each time he went for those long mountain trails. I decided to go with their advice and arrange cover for my peace of mind. 

Last month, Matt went for his usual ride and as luck would have it, he ended up with a crash. After 10 days of hand therapy and repeat x-rays, Matt could go back to work but had multiple medical appointments. He had his weekly physiotherapy for the hand, dressing changes, and treatment for his knee and elbow. Having a full-time job, all this time-out affected his income which was not something covered by ACC. 

Our Accidental Injury Cover was in place for just 9 days when the accident happened. We qualified for 2 months pay out which amounted to $10,000. It was paid into our account the following week!
Being in a situation where I had to make a claim, I can say that this has done exactly what I needed it to do and can highly recommend it.”
Take it easy

Yes, ‘she’ll be right’ is a kiwi way of life, but we cannot disregard or dismiss the possibilities of injuries and the consequences. So, take a moment and give an accidental injury cover a thought. You will then be able to take it easy!
To find out more about Accidental Injury Cover, please contact us here, or call us on 0800 809 009.


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