Another great day on Rotoroa Island

As per previous years, this January the teams from Apex Advice and Apex Insurance headed out to Rotoroa Island for a volunteer day.

For over 100 years, Rotoroa Island was an island apart, off-limits to all but a few souls isolated there for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in the care of the Salvation Army. Today, Rotoroa is accessible to everyone as an arts, heritage and conservation estate. We volunteered to help on the island grounds for conservation work.

In a joint venture with Auckland Zoo, the team at Rotoroa have undertaken a huge amount of planting that will allow for skinks to be introduced to the island. Our team helped by taking out invasive weeds to allow the native plants to grow.

The tougher part of the day was helping to make a zigzag path that will allow access to Cable Bay. But it was well worth it. After all that hard work the team enjoyed lunch and some time in the sun. Some of the crew also walked down to the beach for a well-deserved swim.

We trust our volunteers made a difference in helping with the great conservation work the Rotoroa Island Trust is doing.


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