The real cost is not having insurance

Should you arrive at work one day to see the results of the fire or earthquake that has destroyed your factory, or the burglary of the server that has led to all of your data being lost, the flood that has shorted all of your electronic equipment - will you be able to resume business on the spot? Do you have the cash on hand to do so?

We don't like thinking about all the bad things that can happen to us, our family or our business. But ignoring the issue will not help anyone. It is best to be prepared for the unexpected.

If you and your family depend on your business, you need to make sure that business will continue to operate no matter what. Other people that work in that business will depend on it too.

Did you know that in Japan the availability of Natural Disaster insurance is both limited and expensive? Following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011 whole communities have been lost as businesses have either not had cover or been able to afford it.

In New Zealand cover is generally available to help businesses like yours pull through should anything happen. Click here to find out more about Apex's Material Damage Insurance.
Image courtesy of twobee / Freedigitalphotos.net


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