KiwiSaver members: don't miss the $521 Government Contribution

KiwiSaver members are eligible for a Government Contribution each year. Basically, for every dollar you put into your KiwiSaver account, the Government puts in 50c, up to a maximum of $521.43.

You must contribute $1,042.86 annually to qualify for the maximum payment of $521.43. Contributions are calculated from July 1st until June 30th. The money is paid into your KiwiSaver account in late July or August.

Not quite sure if you have contributed enough? Use our handy calculator.

  • If you haven't contributed enough, you can still top up your account to make sure you don't miss out. You have until mid-June to make a voluntary contribution. 
  • We understand that this might not be the right time for you to make extra contributions, if your household finances have been stretched recently. The great news is, you’ll still receive a boost of 50 cents for every dollar you put in your account each year.

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