The New Zealand life insurance industry pays out around $4 million a day or $1.47 billion per year in claims supporting Kiwis when they most need it.

In 2019, our clients received over $38,000,000 in insurance claims payments at their time of need. We can proudly say that 96.2% of our clients’ claims were paid out - above the industry average.

How we make a difference

At Apex, we’re on a mission to help Kiwis make better calls. Our job is to ensure we’ve got the right solutions in place at precisely the right time for your life. Insurance is at the core of what we do.

We listen to our clients: we understand what they want to protect and how they want to look after their loved ones. We ask deeper questions which means talking to them about health issues and their medical history. It’s not always an easy conversation, but it is very important to uncover any potential issues at the time of applying for cover - and not at claim time.

Most importantly, 96.2% of our claims were paid out last year because we go to battle for our clients. We liaise with the insurance provider on their behalf and do everything in our power to get a good outcome for our clients. That’s why our success rate is above industry average - Nick Stanhope, chief executive of AIA New Zealand - New Zealand's largest life insurer, said that last year they paid out 94% of all claims.

Is your insurance keeping up with your life?

As an Apex client, you’ve taken steps in the right direction to make sure you are protecting what's important to you. But it might be worth thinking about the last time you’ve spoken to your adviser. Insurance needs to keep up to date with your life. A 15-minute conversation with your adviser can help you make sure you are covered and that you are not paying for things you don’t need or want.

Underinsurance is a big problem in New Zealand. If you know people in your community that might not be properly covered, please encourage them to address this. We are always here to help if you or someone you know has questions.

Real life stories

We see first-hand how an insurance claim pay-out can change people’s life, at a very difficult time. Here are some of our clients’ stories, they speak for themselves.

This is Michelle’s story. When her life was turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis, Michelle had insurance to help her cover her business. As Michelle puts it "one thing this cancer will never do, is get me off my horse".

This is Duncan’s story. When Duncan met with his Apex adviser in 2016 his main concern was his insurance premiums going up. “I was lucky that I took on my adviser’s recommendation and kept my insurance”, says Duncan. Not long after their meeting he was diagnosed with cancer.

This is Kate’s story. 5 years after putting their insurance in place, Kate was diagnosed with cancer. It was discovered by chance. “I thought my trauma insurance was only for terminal cases, I didn’t think I could claim”.



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