Financially Independent Retire Early – F.I.R.E by Hannah McQueen

As clients of Apex we would like to extend an offer for tickets to Hannah McQueen’s ‘Financially Independent Retire Early – F.I.R.E’ nationwide seminar series.

In the words of Hannah herself – “I can’t think of too many things more frustrating than working harder, but not getting ahead any faster. If you’re going to work harder – you want it to be worth it.”

So if you’re busting a gut but still staring down the barrel of decades tied to the bank, it’s time to ‘Set FIRE to Your Mortgage’ by attending Hannah McQueen’s new seminar.

Hannah McQueen and her team at enableMe have helped thousands of Kiwis get mortgage-free fast, grow their wealth and set themselves up for retirement. In her seminar ‘Set FIRE to your mortgage and retire on your terms’ she’ll show you how to do all that, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest, and cutting years off your mortgage.

She’ll be holding her seminar in 10 locations nationwide this September.

If you want to light up your financial future, make the progress you deserve and retire on your terms, it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Tickets are available at www.enableme.co.nz/events As a client of Apex you can use the code ‘fire50’ to receive 50% off tickets.


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