What does Clients First mean?

“Client First” is what you should expect from an adviser who genuinely cares about you. Expect nothing less than to have tailored financial advice that suits your particular needs. Good advisers are focused on delivering the best client outcomes – it should be a philosophy at the center of everything they do. Kiwis are a diverse bunch, so your adviser should understand that the best client outcome can mean different things to different people. A good adviser truly wants to help you make better financial calls.

How does your adviser achieve this?

Your adviser should spend time getting a thorough understanding of your finances. Offering the best financial advice starts by knowing the right questions to ask, understanding your financial situation, and deciphering what your financial goals are. Advisers also need to know what potential solutions are available. A good adviser is able to process all that and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company or mortgage provider to get the best outcome for you.

In the financial planning space things change constantly so your adviser should continuously improve their knowledge by attending regular training to keep up with changes to regulation, the industry and medical advancements.

What else you should expect from your adviser

An experienced adviser generally works with the major insurance, investments and mortgage providers in New Zealand.

When advisers work with a client on retirement planning, they should make sure that their client has the right investment, so the client can enjoy the lifestyle they want when they stop working.

If advisers are working with a home buyer, their job is to make sure that the client’s loan is pre-approved on time, so they can pursue the house they want. A knowledgeable adviser would also make sure the structure of their client’s mortgage helps them get out of debt quicker. 

And when it comes to insurance, claims are the real moments of truth as that’s when advisers can make a difference in the lives of their clients. Having appropriate financial plans in place ensures that you have the right funding at the right place at the right time. Good advisers keep it simple for clients by understanding their needs, comparing and recommending the policies that are the best match, and helping them make sense of the policy wording.

From a Financial Adviser’s perspective

“A good financial adviser always does their best to dot every i’s and cross every t’s in a policy application, and we make sure that we hold insurance providers accountable; so as to not let families down. We know that when things get real, you may be your client’s only hope.” Greg Hahn, Apex Adviser


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