Auckland Walk Challenge

Apex is participating in the Auckland Walk Challenge for the first time this year. Teams are challenging themselves to walk the virtual length of New Zealand, all the way from Cape Reinga to Bluff by achieving the daily step goal of 7000 steps during the month of November. There are 992 groups participating in the challenge Auckland wide.

We formed 4 different groups within Apex and at the time of publishing, we had achieved a total of 2,337,631 steps!

As an organization, we believe in the importance of wellbeing as we see firsthand how devastating it can be when people are unhealthy. Health and wellness is part of the philosophy of our business – we buy fruit for our staff, and the management team gets behind on fitness challenges such as this.

One of our Directors, Gavin Greaves says “About 90% of deaths from non-communicable diseases (heart attack, stroke) are affected by lifestyle. One of the four main causes is the lack of activity and walking is a big part of that. This is one of the boxes we can tick.”

Earlier this year we took part in the Auckland Bike Challenge, trying to get our staff to get on their bikes. “We got some people involved that hadn’t ridden bikes in a number of years. We also went out on a group ride to Mission Bay which was good fun”, says Gavin.

Over here at Apex we genuinely want to help Kiwis live better, healthier lives. It’s not too late to register for the challenge and take part in this fun, free event!


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