This is Doris' story

Apex clients have received more than $24 million in claim payments from insurance companies in the last year. Doris was one of these clients that had the right insurance in place at the right time.

In 2015, Doris met with her adviser Will Leang to update her insurance. At the time, Will recommended she take out Progressive Care. Progressive Care is a new Severity based type trauma insurance by Sovereign, which can pay out more than once and for a wider range of illnesses. Benefit payments are linked to the severity of your medical condition – the more serious it is, the larger the pay-out. Doris was in her 50s and very healthy, but she understood the impact a critical illness could have on her and her family.

Less than two years later, Doris found herself claiming on her Progressive Care cover. She had been coughing for several months and after a visit to the doctor and some tests, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Doris had to have surgery to remove the tumour in her lung and go through chemotherapy afterwards. Her treatment meant that she was unwell most days so she had to leave her full-time employment.

After her surgery, Doris’ husband Steven lodged a claim with Sovereign. Bills kept coming in and with Doris being unable to work, Steven and Doris were counting on the money from their insurance to cover their expenses. Before the claim could be paid, some information needed to be checked by Sovereign – which meant delays in getting their claim paid. While recovering, Doris found herself dealing with phone calls from the insurance company to keep her claim moving forward. But she was finding this very stressful.

At this point, Steven and Doris got in touch with Will, their financial adviser. From then on, Will took over the claim. It saved Doris having to deal with professionals at Sovereign who due to the nature of their role were using medical jargon that was not familiar to her. Will liaised with Sovereign to resolve the issues and got the claim paid in no-time. “Having a lung operation was a major on its own, I was not in the best place to deal with the insurance claim”, says Doris. “Having Will take over was a big relief”.

It took some time for Doris to feel better. A few months ago, she was having more energy and was thinking about going back to work part-time or even volunteering.

After a recent routine check two more tumours were discovered in Doris’ lungs. It was a major shock for her. “I was not prepared for this news, I was feeling so much better”, says Doris. After this second diagnosis, the first thing they did was to contact Will. Thankfully for them, their Progressive Care policy allows for multiple claims based on the severity of the illness.

Doris will now go on a trial drug programme at Auckland Hospital. “The oncology service at the hospital has been great, they have been very efficient. The positive thing is that now I know to let Will deal with the claim side of things, so I can focus on my treatment”.

This is a real moment of truth for us at Apex. This is when our work really counts, when we can help provide financial relief at a stressful time for our clients. By managing our clients’ claims, we can say hand-on-heart that we’re on their side at every step of the way, always with gloves on and standing in their corner.


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