It’s finally spring – is it time to change homes?

As the days get longer, the birds start chirping, and the weather improves, we predictably start to feel more positive and optimistic. We start feeling like summer is just around the corner. For many people, the new season is often a trigger for buying or selling property.

If you don’t start early enough, you won’t be in by Christmas

Bringing your property up to its sparkling best for sale, can take longer than you think.  You may need to:

  • top up your mortgage to cover the cost of work that needs to be completed
  • coordinate with tradespeople (not as easy as it sounds!). The dry weather might make it easier as well, to get renovations done
  • pick a great Real Estate agent
  • complete a proper marketing campaign (usually 5 weeks)

The banks play ball

To ensure they maintain their market share, banks can’t afford to be “out of the market” during this busy time of year.  You will often see them marketing ‘wow’ offers such as Kiwibank’s recent 3.99% rate for 1-year fixed term.

What about the kids?

Starting or changing to a new school is often a driver for people to change their home in order to get into a particular school zone.  Being in by Christmas means your children have ample time to adjust to their new neighbourhood and meet some new friends before the new school year.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, a new home, change lenders, look into KiwiBuild, or buy an investment property - we‘re equipped to provide helpful advice that ensures you make an educated choice for your future.  As mortgage specialists, we can help you with anything from how much to spend, open vs closed bridging, deposits, and more. Click here to contact us.


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