The rules to break to get rich

In today’s blog post we want to share an article recently published in the NZ Herald. In this piece Susie Moore tells us that there are some rules that need to be broken to earn serious dollars.

Susie Moore is an Australian high-performance coach, consultant and author based in New York. She's been featured on the Today show, Forbes, Oprah.com and more.

Moore goes through some of the myths she thinks should be re-interpreted to get rich. For example, if you think letting your achievements speak for themselves, she recommends the exact opposite: promotion prevails. The premises she proposes are definitely not what we’ve learned while growing up. But maybe it is time to pay a closer look to the things we’ve been telling ourselves.

These are the myths she asks us to see in a different light:

  • Let your achievements speak for themselves
  • Education is everything
  • Be the hardest working person you know
  • Wait your turn

Curious about finding out more? Click here to read the full article.

The one premise we constantly share with our clients, that we believe still stands, is that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Whether in business, with your personal financials or when planning a holiday – have a plan! Don’t be afraid to try something new or bend the rules, but make sure you have a solid plan to back you up.


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