On your bike: Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2018

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge starts this month and Apex will be part of the action again this year.

The challenge is a fun, free competition involving workplaces - aimed to encourage people to ride a bike for 10 minutes or more in February. It's not about being the next Tour de France champion or about wearing all the right gear; it's about giving it a try.

Apex Advice takes part in the challenge each year for a few reasons:

Biking is good for the environment
We believe business needs to come in the way of looking after the environment. We're part of the Sustainable Business Network, whose vision is for New Zealand to have an efficient and zero carbon transport system that enhances our health and well being. Cycling is the perfect solution.

Biking contributes to a healthy lifestyle
Here at Apex we talk about being 'financially fit'. We like to take a holistic approach to finances, and apply this across our whole lives by staying physically fit and healthy.

And it's fun!
Getting active can be good for the soul. It's also a good excuse to do something different with friends and family, and it gives you the freedom to take an adventure - without getting in the car.

Here's what Apex Advice Director Gavin Greaves had to say:
“We found more people going on work rides together and borrowing bikes off each other. It was really positive. Everybody really enjoyed the experience.This year we want to do more than last year. So we are going to organise a couple of rides outside work, at lunchtime or the weekend, so that everybody will qualify for their 10 minutes.

Want to get involved? If your workplace would like to have a go, register by 31st January at www.lovetoride.net


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