Numbers don’t lie – this is the risk of something happening to you

We get that paying for insurance is not the most riveting way to spend your money. What you are paying for is intangible, and all you see is money coming out of your account month after month. To top it off, prices go up every year!

With insurance policies, what you are really buying is peace of mind. Knowing that should anything happen to you, you and your family are protected and you won’t have any financial worries.

Traditionally, most New Zealanders would take out life cover, to provide for their loved one if they passed away. But today the risk of dying is not necessarily your biggest problem. With today’s medical advances, a lot of people live through a critical illness or disability. And they need financial support while going through this hard time.

To put things into perspective, here’s a few graphs from Quotemonster. What are the chances of hitting an unexpected bump in the road? These stats are for people during their working lives, ages 18 to 65.

Image: Quotemoster

Insurance is there to provide peace of mind for your future self. If something happens to you, at least you will not be derailed from your long-term financial goals. Not the most exciting feeling in the world, but trust us, we see it every day, insurance makes all the difference to our clients when life throws a spanner in the works. 


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