What if you are suddenly told you no longer meet the criteria for elective surgery?

We consider ourselves lucky in New Zealand because we have a robust health system that can cope with our medical emergencies. But what about elective surgery?

We hear time and time again that elective surgery waiting lists keep getting longer by the minute. It was recently revealed that at Waikato Hospital a number of people were removed from the waiting list, in an article from the NZ Herald.

"Because of the staffing shortages the orthopaedic department was behind by 265 cases at the end of last September and its inpatient waiting list was reduced from 585 in January to 387 in November.

That meant patients who had been assessed for surgery were told they did not meet the criteria because the hospital could not cope with the work."

This is why health insurance is important. Would you want to keep waiting if you need elective surgery?

Click here to read the full article: Waikato Hospital's staffing of operating theatres not at full capacity, resulting in fewer surgeries


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