When was the last time your bank called to help you with your mortgage?

When was the last time your bank gave you a call to see if they could get you a better interest rate on your loan? How about calling you when a fixed rate is soon to expire?

Never? We thought so.

As mortgage specialists we work with our clients to ensure their home loans are competitive, and structured in a way that is going to help them achieve their financial goals. For us, your mortgage is not a case of set-and-forget, we provide ongoing service.

The good news is that even if you took out your mortgage directly with a bank and not through us, we are still able to help you. We are now offering all Apex clients a FREE Mortgage Monitoring Service.

Through this service, we review your current mortgage structure and rates to ensure your loan is working well for you. The benefit of us doing this is that we can work with your current bank, and negotiate with them on your behalf.

If you are a Mortgage Monitoring Service client we will:

  • contact you four weeks before your fixed rate expires with market competitive discounted rates from your lender
  • review any changes to your income or financial goals since our last review and adjust the loan repayments accordingly
  • confirm with you if your current lender is providing the services and products that you need
  • review any requirements for additional lending that you may have. This could be a new home, renovations, or to replace your car, for example
  • keep you informed on what is happening in the market through our regular newsletter
Interested in this free service? Send us an email to mortgages@apexgroup.co.nz and we will have this set up in no time.


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