Free Moving Concierge Service

There are many things to stress about in life, but moving shouldn't be one of them. Apex has partnered with the Moving Hub to help have a stress-free move.

The good people at Moving Hub can arrange the connections on your behalf, and organise quotes for any additional services you may require. And they do this for FREE as the suppliers you choose give them a little bit of commission to thank them for their time spent in helping you.

Moving Hub says "Let us know what you need and we'll give you a call to let you know what services and deals are available. You can then choose to stay with the same provider or to switch to a better deal, and we'll arrange it all for you.

And if you want, we can take even more stress off your back by arranging for quotes from Removalists, Cleaners, Gardeners, Storage units and much, much more".

Movinghub is New Zealand owned and fully independent, so we can use our muscle to get you great deals. Click here to log in to the Apex portal to receive this free service.


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