Diana Clement: Givealittle becoming the new life insurance?

New Zealanders have donated over $50 million through Givealittle crowd funding page. Diana Clement at the New Zealand Herald outlines that "On Monday of this week (Monday June 20th 2016) all but one of the top ten "trending" causes by number of donations on Givealittle were personal causes of which the most common was cancer.

As good as it is to know that as New Zealanders we are supporting each other and helping people through difficult times - yet in many cases the financial hardship could have been avoid with insurance.

Diana Clement poses the question - is life insurance being replaced by crowd funding initiatives like Givealittle?

She says: "Of course some people who don't have insurance simply can't afford it. The majority, however, choose not to afford it. They don't think about the cost of the "what ifs". If your other half dies slowly there's a good chance you'll need to take time off work - sometimes months - and may not be able to return full time if you have children. Insurance would have covered this and you'd know how much you would get in advance rather than relying on crossed fingers".

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